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Cognitive Dissonance: Confusion Left Untreated

Congratulations to the new tennis champion who has taken the world by storm, Emma Raducanu. Congratulations to the woman who has broken the barriers of stigmatized diversity. Congratulations to the success she portrays to other dreamers around the world. However, just like any success story, several sharks will surround this star to take credit. The...
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Our Brains on Feedback

“But the results in my “Wheel of Life” are excellent! Besides, the hardest thing for a successful leader is to receive personal feedback? Isn’t it?” This is part of a conversation I had  with a very well positioned, self made CEO, and it got me thinking, how do people perceive feedback? Why is it sensitive...
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Five Ways to Combat Recruitment Biases

A Yale experiment found that male and female scientists that were trained on objective hiring still preferred hiring and paying men more. A UChicago and MIT experiment found that applicants with white sounding names received 50% more job interview requests. A Study by Harvard business review found that if there is only one woman and...
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Navigating the Minefield of Delegation

One of the most challenging transitions for leaders is the shift from doing to leading. As admirable as it may be for a leader to keep on being involved in multiple tasks, responsibilities become more complex, and consequently the transition from doing to leading becomes more and more crucial. Managers frequently find themselves overloaded with tasks. Best practices...
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