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All learning solutions are contextualized and designed with the below ten learning themes in mind, each of which encompasses a set of essential core competencies.The workshops are then designed based on the organization’s culture, industry, and specific desired objectives.


While some might need some guidance to achieve their goals, others can be that guide – whether it was the former or the latter, we design workshops that introduce the practice itself, or have the objective of developing others through executive coaching.

[Coaching Skills for Managers, You as a Coach, Mentoring, One on One Coaching Sessions… and more.]

Human Resources

Your business relies on your people. While HR has the same purpose in every company, it differs in functionality depending on each organization. Accordingly, we present the right operational tools you can integrate to benefit this sector of your company.

[Recruitment and Selection, Competency-Based Interviews, HR Management Essentials, HR for non-HR People, Compensation & Benefits, Conducting Training Needs Assessments & Analysis, Succession Planning… and more.]

Business & Management Skills

There is a certain set of skills that are required to sustain an agile business, without this foundation, it is easy for an organization to lose its grip. Here you are offered solutions that aim at strengthening business and managerial competencies for utmost success.

[Business Acumen, Finance for non-Finance, Strategy, Selling Skills, Customer Service… and more.]


Leaders have certain characteristics that make them walk the talk and lead the way for others to find their own passion. Our approach typically focuses on guidance and includes any and all workshops that enhance the skill itself.

[The 4 Pillars of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Management Development Workshop, Supervisory Skills, Motivational Skills, Managing Change… and more.]

ToolKit (Technical)

Technical work can be very diversified. While we don’t offer typical and basic technical workshops, we do implement them where necessary so that our solutions remain wholesome and in-line with the main objectives.

[Business Report Writing Skills, Project Management, Social Media Management… and more.]

Interpersonal Skills

The way one presents themselves is important in any business. People have different ways of communicating with one another and similarly perceive things differently, especially when dealing with others from different backgrounds and cultures. What we offer here is strategic implementations that are required when speaking with and to others in the business world.

[Communication, Assertiveness, Public Speaking, Feedback Skills, Influence, Negotiation, and more.]

Performance Optimization

With the right tactics and strategies, someone great can become even better. Sometimes we’re unaware of where we’re falling short and where we can deliver better, and because of this a lot of our potential can go to waste. Here we use the means necessary to unleash the potential of our learners so that they can also see for themselves how much they’re capable of.

[Time Management (Superman & Monsters), Goal Setting, Performance Upgraded, and Self-motivation…and more.]

High Performing Teams

Being part of a team means having to work together to achieve the same desired goal. Our team building activities address any and all team bonding objectives, whether indoors or outdoors, to guarantee a resilient and highly performative workforce.

[Our flagship either indoor or outdoor programs include: Building High Performing Teams, Lego® Serious Play®, The Ad Maker, among others.]

Creativity & Innovation

In a world that is in constant progress and movement, organizations that fail to keep up with the new and different will eventually falter and lose due to competition. We offer learning solutions that trigger, enhance, and sustain creativity and innovation.

[Creativity & Innovation, The Explosive Thought, Design Thinking… and more.]


Maintaining a balance between your wellbeing and career is crucial to your personal as well as your professional development. We work on implementing and enhancing mindfulness into your daily life, through stress management and emotional energy work, so you can sustain and improve your highest level of performance.

[Corporate Wellness, Emotional Energy, Performance Under Pressure, Stress Management, Tapping into the Happy Chemicals… and more.]

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